Warehouses are large structures designed to protect large product quantities.  The design starts with the size and height of the warehouse.  In Alabama, the design specifics are determined by need, wants and the code restrictions of the municipality it will reside. When considering the construction of a new warehouse, most companies know  how much space is required and the budget, but do not understand all the options at their disposal. SouthEastern Erectors is Alabama’s reliable and trustworthy warehouse contractor and has been over 30 years. The commercial nature of a warehouse makes it a simple, straightforward project.

We specialize in the design and construction of structurally sound and budget friendly metal warehouses. We understand the warehousing industry serves as the link between manufacturers and customers and the importance of a quality warehouse. Warehouse businesses pick up, transport, store, and deliver a variety of goods requiring plenty of efficient space. If your company is in the market to invest in new or additional warehouse space, the flexibility and cost of the building is paramount.  The new building must compliment your operation, while providing security, strength, and stability.  Metal buildings offer all three. Custom designed or prefabricated metal buildings offer several unique advantages over other traditional construction methods. A metal warehouse building can offer internal clearspan widths of up to 300 feet. Clearspan is defined as the distance between two inside surfaces of the span supports, also known as the unsupported distance.  The increased clearspan allows for more internal space for storing products and less waste from supporting columns and load-bearing walls.

Another concern is cost.  The budget, for new traditional construction, often fluctuates. Due to the reduced construction time, price of materials, and low startup expenses, warehouses built via the metal building method are budget friendly and economical.  In addition to budget friendliness, the benefits of choosing a metal building from SouthEastern Erectors include durability, pest resistance, weather resistance, and practically maintenance free. Our warehouses come in several types, including:

  • Standard Steel Portal
  • Propped Steel Portal
  • High Bay Warehouses
  • Very Wide Span
  • Monoslope
  • Multispan

SouthEastern Erectors metal buildings are the ideal solution for a new warehouse even if a sophisticated warehouse infrastructure is required. Fully customizable and prefabricated, our warehouses provide efficient, flexible, and expandable options. Furthermore, we offer a complete selection of specifically designed component parts to help make your new warehouse function and flow with the needs of your operation.

Many Alabama businesses have trusted SouthEastern Erectors with their new warehouse construction. Our reputation speaks for itself. Call us today and let us build you the warehouse your operation needs. 888-636-6193