At SouthEastern Erectors, we don’t try to disguise our love for steel. Of all the building materials available in construction, steel metal is perhaps one of the most beautiful, resilient, and flexible. We’re not the only ones raving about it these days, either. If you ask Mother Nature, steel has been a godsend for builders, and the environment too. Today, steel reigns as the most eco-friendly of building materials, easily being one of the most versatile and recyclable of metals.

Progressive Practices

Since the 1990’s, the steel industry has re-transformed itself and its practices, curbing its waste and neglect of the planet. New technologies, like electric arc furnaces, and off-site fabrications, have drastically decreased the amount of wasted material. The steelmaking process of the 21st century is defined by recycling steel and electricity, instead of burning up natural resources like iron ore, gas, and coal. Chugging on black fumes of coal, old-fashioned blast furnaces required almost fifty times as much energy to operate.

The Perfection of Steel

Because of its intrinsic nature, its malleability, and affordability, steel’s risen in popularity across the world in all areas of construction. One reason for its popularity is its strength as a material. Compared to wood and other building materials, steel can handle more strain and weight than any other, pound for pound. While being worked on, assembled, and shipped, steel does not bend, twist, or warp in any way. Being a metal, it also can’t be burned, or sustain damage in a fire. Just the same, it’s resistant to damage from moisture and water. In a sense, it’s quite like a magical mithril.

Green and Recyclable

In the last century alone, 22 billion tons of steel were recycled across the globe. As the most recycled material used on the planet (bar none), recycled steel now breaks 65 million tons per annum. What’s more—when it’s recycled, steel undergoes no degrading in its strength or quality. Water used in the steelmaking process is regularly recycled as well, sometimes cleaner than it started. Indeed, 98% of the ingredients that go into steel are themselves able to be reutilized. It is for all these reasons, and more that our designers, manufacturers, and metal builders love to work with steel.

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