The increased number of buildings being constructed across Tennessee is amazing. Business and even residents are looking to expand or build more space. Many have turned to SouthEastern Erectors to design and construct a steel building of high quality and lower in cost than traditional construction. A steel building is safe, secure, and will fit within your budget. For over 30 years, SouthEastern Erectors has satisfied hundreds of customers.

What components does a steel building consist of?

This is a question that we have been asked many times.  Whether your steel building is constructed in Tennessee or somewhere else, the components do not change. We inspect every component before installation for any defects or signs of weakness. The exact components your building will use and how many of each will depend on the design and engineered plans. Before construction begins, the plans must be approved and municipal building code compliance verified.

  • Channels – this is a component formed from a steel sheet shaped as a block “C”. it is used singularly or back to back, while supporting vertical or horizontal loads.
  • Eave Struts – positioned at the eave of a building which supports roof and wall paneling
  • Canopies – overhanging roof structure with the farthest end usually unsupported
  • Girts – A horizontal structural component supporting vertical loads and may consist of several pieces.
  • Framed Openings – used to open portions of a wall that will be used as an access point. The name refers to the framing members and flashing surrounding said opening, which also include: Jambs, Header or Sill, Trim, and fasteners.
  • Purlins – a horizontal component used for roof support. Shaped like a “Z”
  • Mansard/Facade – decorative trim or panel system jutting out from the face of a wall panel.
  • Wall Panels – comes insulated or non-insulated, load-bearing
  • Metal Studs – component used for various framing systems, often in place of wood studs.
  • Parapet Walls – same as mansards/facades except parapet walls do not have projection.
  • Partitions – used for inner wall system to section of portions of interior space, which must run the to the roof line.
  • Purlin Extension – overhanging or projecting roof structure with the far end usually unsupported. Typically used for aesthetic application or to cover driveway or walkway.
  • Linear Panels –
  • Roof Panels
  • Weatherroof – metal standing seam roofing component attached to sub-framing using concealed, interlocking clips that provide for minimum penetrations.
  • Angles – bent at a right angle used for joining and reinforcing two structural members

SouthEastern Erectors is well versed in every component available to insure your steel building is exactly like you want it and is safe, secure, and of unsurpassed quality. Call the foremost Tennessee steel building contractor today to construct the steel building you deserve. ​888-636-6193