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Jessica Johnson

Awesome guys did an awesome job erecting steel buildings quickly and efficiently!!! Would recommend them to anyone!!!

Billy Minkert

Highly recommended Matt at SouthEastern Erectors, gets the job done quick without bs. The installers had all the tools with them, and no need for any assistance. Matt promised I would get my new steel garage in 3-4 weeks and thats exactly what happened. Very honest and professional. I definitely recommend them to my friends and family.

Robert Beall

I am very happy that I found SouthEastern Erectors online when I was searching steel building company in the area. They are very reliable and professional. Completed our steel warehouse properly without any issue and on time. I recommend them any one needs steel or metal builders.

Jessica Douglas

This steel building company will make a great experience and design the best building solution like they did for our family.  We highly recommend to all the quality, service and products are unmatched. Thanks again for the great work building our steel home.

Jason Heil

Great company that has the most incredible response time. They are professional, proficient, knowledgeable and on top of their game. They are always available, helpful and follow through in a timely manner. SouthEastern Erectors is awesome! Thank you Matt for helping me with my building! I absolutely love it!

Taylor LeBlanc

I highly recommend SouthEastern Erectors!!!  I had a very positive experience and LOVE my building ♥ Thank you so much for such a great job helping us to build our steel building.

Christine Lindsey

SouthEastern Erectors team was so informative & really helped us during the whole process. They couldn’t have been any nicer & professional!  We hired them as steel building contractor to build our supermarket. Our building is in great quality, it’s everything we needed! I would absolutely recommend SouthEastern Erectors a thousand times over everyone else! They really were amazing!! Great steel building company to work with to build any type of steel buildings in the area.

Sample Pricing

Sample Pricing

When it comes to pricing metal buildings, there are a lot of factors to consider. Customizations are common for steel buildings, and it can be difficult to estimate the cost per square foot until the details are determined. At SouthEastern Erectors, we provide high quality residential and commercial metal building construction services for property owners in Atlanta, Georgia and surrounding counties in the central and eastern United States. If you are ready to begin construction on your steel building, and need a quote to plan the budget, then it is important to factor in the elements listed below. 

Load Requirements 

Wind and snow loads are important considerations to make. Buildings constructed in areas that receive high winds or heavy snowfall will require more materials to remain safe and durable during adverse weather conditions and will therefore increase initial costs. 

Local Codes and Regulations 

While national standards can be easy to follow, your local municipality, county or state may require various codes or regulations. Failing to adhere to these standards could result in fines and other legal issues so it is essential that you follow the current laws in your area. Meeting these requirements can create additional costs, depending on the area in which your building will be constructed. 


In order to reinforce the strength of your metal building, bracing will be needed. There are multiple choices when choosing steel building bracing, including wind column, portal frame or x-bracing. Your choice of bracing can affect the overall construction budget. 

Roof Pitch

Another factor for costs is the roof pitch. A typical metal building will have a 1:12 roof pitch. Those who prefer a higher peak may choose a 2:12, 3:12 or 4:12 roof pitch, which can add to the material costs of the project. 

Bay Spacing 

Bay spacing refers to the distance between each main frame. In most cases, bay spacing will be between 20 to 25 feet, depending on the overall dimensions of the building. Placement of roll up doors and the addition of other features can have an effect on this as well, so keep this in mind when determining your add-ons. 

Add-ons and Customized Options 

Adding additional features can increase the base price of your building but may be necessary for certain uses. You may need a large roll up door for your automotive repair shop or fire station. If you are using a metal building for a private residence or retail store, you may need extra windows, skylights or doors. Adding gutter systems, down spouts, eave and gable extensions, wall light panels and other popular upgrades will also need to be taken into account. 

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Is it time for you to start your next steel building project? Then let our team help you achieve the results you want. Call the experts at SouthEastern Erectors. Our dedicated staff is always available to answer any questions you may have and can provide a customized quote for any residential or commercial steel building in Atlanta, Georgia or surrounding states including Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas, Alabama and Kentucky.