Charlotte, NC commercial and residential residents most likely have not considered a metal building as a practical construction alternative. New construction methods are still done using traditional methods, however new and more cost-efficient methods have emerged. Once the choice is made to construct a metal building, then the decision is whether to go custom, pre-fabricated, or pre-engineered.  What does the terms pre-fabricated, or pre-engineered mean for you, as the consumer? A pre-fabricated metal building is made up of on-site assembled factory components.  This contrasts drastically with modular homes or offices built on an assembly line and delivered to the final location. Pre-engineered metal buildings are straightforwardly put together on-site by professionals and owners can assist if so desired.

Using a construction method for over a hundred years, pre-engineered metal buildings are constructed in sections in the factory and assembled on-site, which is efficient, a time reducer, and the size of the project is inconsequential.  A pre-engineered metal building is a feasible way to maximize savings, receive the type of building you need and it is expandable in the future if necessary, even when under strict budget constraints. Expansion is easy with a pre-engineered metal building, in contrast to traditional construction expansion costs, which are noticeably higher and time consuming.

The advantages to a pre-engineered metal building should be considered.

  • Quick and affordable design
  • Simpler foundations
  • Seismic advantages – higher resistance to tremors
  • Smarter and more efficient design and construction process
  • Lighter building weight
  • Better overall performance
  • Quick delivery
  • Improved quality control
  • Easy expansion

SouthEastern Erectors has many pre-engineered metal building options available, from schools and church buildings to warehouses and barns.  Your options are limitless for your new Charlotte construction. Finally, the superior strength and fire retardant nature of steel and its ability to withstand extremely harsh conditions, many leading insurance companies offer lower insurance rates for metal buildings.

Many Charlotte businesses have trusted SouthEastern Erectors with their new pre-engineered metal building. Our reputation speaks for itself. Call us today and let us build you the warehouse your operation needs. ​888-636-6193