Pensacola, Tallahassee, Jacksonville, Tampa Bay, Orlando, Miami, and along the coast of Florida, metal storage facilities have become very prevalent. Florida homeowners and businesses are looking for extra space outside their home or office.  This is a good time to consider constructing a mini storage building on your property. give SouthEastern Erectors a call and let’s discuss your options. SouthEastern Erectors is the leading provider of metal buildings across Florida and we can help you build a mini storage and provide the extra space you and your potential customers are looking for. For more than 30 years, the mini storage industry has experienced annual positive growth. Currently the average is 10% of the American population is renting storage units for more space for an average rental length of 10 months and the number is growing.  There continues to be an increase in need and recent historic low vacancy levels have only made the market hotter.  Operators are realizing increased net income.  Turning that open piece of Florida land or a vacant property you may have purchased into a profitable investment is easier when you hire SouthEastern Erectors to build a new mini-storage building.

A mini storage building provides an ongoing, low-maintenance structure offering your customers safety and convenience to store their valuables. Florida homeowners and business often use mini storage units for a space to store collectibles, office equipment and tools, recreational vehicles or items that don’t fit in their home or office.  We can build a structure your customer can be confident and secure in.  We only use high quality products and superior construction methods that exceed industry standards.

When you call SouthEastern Erectors to build your new reliable metal mini storage building, you can be assured your dealing with the best in the business. Our mini-storage buildings are customizable both inside and out with features including steel, brick and stone siding, wainscot, overhead doors and a variety of insulation options.  We are well versed in Florida building codes and will design, with your input, a mini storage building that blends in well with the local community.

Our reputation speaks for itself. Call us today and let us build you the warehouse your operation needs. ​888-636-6193