The weather in Charlotte, NC changes regularly.  Storms and outflow from hurricanes are just a few of the extreme weather examples Charlotte experiences.  With these conditions, the need for a structurally safe and dependable building is highly important. This coupled with the economic increase Charlotte has experienced recently has generated a visible increase in the need for additional buildings and structures, subsequently the need for weather stability has increased.  Al the more reason to install a metal building for your next building or space need.  SouthEastern Erectors is the choice for Charlotte businesses and residents for the last 30 years.  We have seen and experienced every possibility associated with new construction in Charlotte, from soil types to weather.  We have dealt with the complex and multifaceted regulations of Charlotte municipal building codes.   You need a team that has the experience and patience to help you manage.

From helping you through the maze to quality products, SouthEastern Erectors insists on using only the highest quality products and materials, setting us apart from our competitors.  We are compulsive about being the best in the metal building industry, across Charlotte.  We are dedicated to meeting your expectations and using our extensive knowledge to provide you with service.

SouthEastern Erectors can build a custom metal building to meet agricultural, industrial and commercial requirements.  Each building is expertly built to specifications based on our initial and subsequent meetings.  Our experienced contractors have the skill to take your wants, needs, and dreams and turn them into a new metal building that will amaze.  There are no limits when looking for a use for a new metal building. Many customers have taken advantage of our expertise for their projects, including pole barns, warehouses used for cold storage and large manufacturing facilities. Other possible uses for a metal building include: workshops, garages, gymnasiums, barns, warehouses, school buildings, retail buildings, government buildings, church buildings, commercial buildings, self-storage units, etc.

SouthEastern Erectors is the leading supplier of residential buildings at affordable prices. We can construct the shell only for your building project or a complete finished product.  Do you have a dream home in mind that would look amazing as metal building? Let us draw it up.  One of our team members can create a custom design based on your floor plans.  We can create the home you have always dreamed of at a reasonable price. Metal building are a reasonable alternative for Charlotte homeowners to consider.

The benefits of metal as a building material for a building project are plentiful and affordability is primary. If you would like to consider a metal building or have already decided it is the way to go, Call SouthEastern Erectors Today 888-636-6193 for a worry and hassle free quote! You will not be disappointed!