Industrial buildings and manufacturing facilities, in Nashville, TN and the surrounding areas, are a steadfast consumer of metal buildings.  Metal and steel Buildings, either custom or pre-engineered, present a full variety of designs and spans meeting any requirement and request.  The Nashville customers, of SouthEastern Erectors, realize our immeasurable experience in the design and fabrication of industrial buildings. Having delivered many industrial metal buildings, including warehouses, manufacturing facilities and industrial buildings and possessing industry leading experience, gives SouthEastern Erectors the ability to deliver a first-rate product at a reasonable price and at the standards and specifications or company was founded.

Metal buildings offer an economical and effective solution for essential large, open areas of floor space, while offering safety and structural security. A metal building is impeccably suited for industrial buildings and warehouses. We can design spacing up to 40 feet, which increase the economic feasibility of the project. Industrial buildings often use top running cranes, underhung cranes, monorails, jib cranes and gantry cranes. Cranes necessitate additional support and structural integrity.  SouthEastern Erectors can design your custom steel building to support any crane combination necessary.  Industrial buildings are available in many shapes and sizes and we can deliver and construct each. Some examples of the variety in metal building applications include:

  • Warehouse Buildings
  • Manufacturing Facilities / Plants
  • Storage Buildings
  • Industrial / Crane Buildings

Whether you’re beginning a new venture in the Nashville industrial sector or need to increase your business space, a metal or steel building from SouthEastern Erectors is the obvious solution. We were founded on offering superior customer service and high-quality metal and steel buildings.  Every member of our team is devoted to this purpose and our skilled engineers will make every effort to design and construct your building to meet your expectations. We will take the time  to design and achieve your vision, not just design something and hope you like it. Industrial buildings require toughness and that’s exactly what you will receive when you purchase a steel buildings from SouthEastern Erectors.

The advantages of purchasing a metal building from SouthEastern Erectors:

  • Quality
  • Economical
  • Fast Occupancy
  • Easy Installation
  • Adaptability
  • Attractive Appearance

Hire the one Nashville residents and business owners have come to trust to construct a high-quality, safe, reliable, durable, low maintenance, and economical metal industrial building or warehouse. Call right away and schedule an appointment to begin the process. ​888-636-6193