Got a question about our custom steel buildings, or what it’s like to work with us?
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Building cost depends on the size and scope of the building and any additional features you require. We can sell, ship, and erect any size building you choose from a 30’ by 30’ to a 600’ by 1000’. Heights can range from 8 to 60 feet tall. Please contact us to request a quote.

We offer many different options for each building. Adding custom features to your building will increase your total cost. You may choose to leave off gutters, downspouts, windows, overhead doors, insulation, etc. to save on cost of the building.

There are also many different custom options we can provide per customer choice. A few custom options may include awnings, lean-tos, roof vents, skylights, wainscot and different wall panel colors.

We offer a 25-year manufacturer warranty along with a 1-year workmanship warranty on any and every metal building we sell.

If you choose to erect the building yourself, you will receive 3 sets of engineered stamped drawings within 2 to 3 weeks after the deposit is made, or you can have it professionally installed by our well qualified team of metal building manufacturers.

The time frame in which it takes to erect your building will depend on the size and scope of your building, what additions you may have, and how the weather is behaving during the construction process.

What makes SouthEastern Erectors different from other metal building contractors is that we are completely in-house, starting from our team of designers going to our crews of metal building erectors.

Steel buildings are low maintenance. They are fire and termite resistant and easy to expand for the future. They have clear span rafter designs so you have no center columns. The installation is also much faster than your conventional wood built structure. Metal buildings have a high wind and snow load. Our steel buildings are prefabricated at a manufacturing plant and every piece is pre-marked with a number or letter for a faster and easier installation. We can design, manufacture, and erect most anything you want from a retail store, to an airplane hangar, to a church or gymnasium, a garage, workshop, warehouse, office, or a place you can call home.
If you can dream it, we can build it. Contact us today to start designing the perfect custom metal building for you.