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Christine Lindsey

SouthEastern Erectors team was so informative & really helped us during the whole process. They couldn’t have been any nicer & professional!  We hired them as steel building contractor to build our…

Taylor LeBlanc

I highly recommend SouthEastern Erectors!!!  I had a very positive experience and LOVE my building ♥ Thank you so much for such a great job helping us to build our steel…

Jason Heil

Great company that has the most incredible response time. They are professional, proficient, knowledgeable and on top of their game. They are always available, helpful and follow through in a…

Jessica Douglas

This steel building company will make a great experience and design the best building solution like they did for our family.  We highly recommend to all the quality, service and…

Robert Beall

I am very happy that I found SouthEastern Erectors online when I was searching steel building company in the area. They are very reliable and professional. Completed our steel warehouse…

Buying Process

Buying Process

If you are working on a low-rise construction project, then you are likely researching your options. You are not restricted to the traditional method of constructing homes and buildings. Metal and steel buildings have become tremendously popular for their reliability, cost-effectiveness, and quick completion. Those who are interested in learning more about this option are welcomed to call SouthEastern Erectors to consult with a professional. Those who have decided to go with a metal building are probably wondering about the process. This article is dedicated to the breaking down the buying process, but you are always invited to call SouthEastern Erectors if you have particular questions or concerns.

Determine the Dimensions You Need

First and foremost, we are going to have to determine exactly what you need. We recommend you first speak with your local city development office to understand the local restrictions. Local governments often have rules and guidelines on where buildings can be built and what types of buildings can be built in certain areas. It would be a shame to spend so much time on planning only to find out that it is against local guidelines. With that done, we will figure out the dimensions of the steel building. The dimensions will include the height as well as the length and width.
In addition to the dimensions of the building, we will have to determine other specifications. Are you going to want doors and windows? Where will you want those and how large will they be? Is the building going to need insulation? Is your area susceptible to certain harsh weather? All of these factors affect the design, price, and the delivery time of the project. Once all of the necessary specifications are determined, we can give you a price quote.

What to Do After Ordering Your Steel Building

So, you have determined exactly the type of building you want as well as its specifications and you have made your order. What now? After you have put in your order, we will get to work and you should get started on preparing your property for the building. We will get started on drawing the design and have the stamped drawings to you in about two weeks after you have placed your deposit. This stamped drawing is what you will use to obtain your building permit and will be used by the concrete contractor build the foundation and slab. Be sure to also consider and clear the route for the vehicle delivering the steel building parts.

When Will the Steel Building Arrive?

Timing depends on the season, but we generally have the steel building ready for delivery about six to eight weeks after the steel building plans arrive. You will be assigned with a dedicated project manager, so they will be in touch with you throughout the process. The building will arrive on a large semi-tractor trailer, so make sure they have enough room to access your property. You should have a forklift and manpower to unload the stock. If you have contracted a company to assemble your building, then they will likely take care of the unloading as well.