If you are looking to buy steel buildings in Dekalb County, Bibb County, Cherokee County or anywhere else around Atlanta, GA, Southeastern Erectors is the company to trust for all of your steel and metal needs. We have a large selection of pre-engineered steel buildings for you to choose from and with over 30 years of experience, we make sure to provide quality service at an unbeatable price.

What makes steel buildings great is that they provide a strong structure, are economically reasonable, and can be built quickly. Being resistant to time, weather, fire, and pests also provide another great reason to buy steel buildings. With a wide range of sizes, pre-engineered steel buildings make an ideal choice for several of applications. With Southeastern Erectors, we can create custom steel buildings to order that match whatever type of metal buildings you require.

For over 30 years, we have created custom and ready to buy steel buildings that suit a broad range of individuals and organizations. We proudly offer our buildings at the lowest costs in the nation. Our metal buildings are suitable for several of the following structures including:

  • Steel Self-Storage Units: Single units are available for self-storage on your property, or purchase multiple units to open a self-storage business.
  • Steel Gymnasiums: Our metal buildings provide a great space for any team or athletic club’s needs at a price that is economical.
  • Steel School Buildings: As student populations continue to grow, we work with schools to design steel buildings that are within the needs of school districts across the country.
  • Steel Workshop Buildings: Whether you need a one-person workshop or a place to house several workers and equipment we can construct custom workshops that fit your needs and budget.
  • Metal Garages: The best way to protect your personal automobile or work fleet is with a metal garage from Southeastern Erectors.
  • Steel Government Buildings: When national, state and local government offices need timely service, quick construction and a quality building they choose Southeastern Erectors.
  • Retail Metal Buildings: Pick out the style and color you want for your retail establishment and our metal building will be the best economical and attractive choice you make.
  • Steel Barns: Keep your livestock and agricultural equipment safe with steel barns from Southeastern Erectors. Your inventory will remain safe from the elements in a climate controlled environment.
  • Steel Commercial Buildings
  • Steel Church Buildings
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Custom Steel Buildings

Expanding your business or breaking ground at a new location is simple and easy with steel construction from Southeastern Erectors. The process is simple, cost-efficient and quick making sure you never stress during your steel construction period.

Even though we are located just outside of Atlanta, we sell and build metal and steel buildings nationwide! With a great customer base throughout Dekalb County, Bibb County, and Cherokee County, GA, we also have metal buildings for sale to customers and organizations in North Carolina and South Carolina, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee and much more. Contact us today and buy steel buildings from the number one steel building company in the nation.