Steel Frame Church Buildings

SouthEastern Erectors designs, creates, ships and builds metal structures nationwide for use by churches, temples, shrines, mosques and synagogues.

Why Use Steel for Your Church Building

Steel is a very popular choice for churches for many reasons, including:
Cost – Steel churches cost significantly less to design and build than many other types of building materials, so they are a natural choice for churches operating on a tight budget.
Fast – The time needed to build and install a metal church building is fast, especially when compared to the time needed to construct a wood, brick or stone structure. For church communities having to rent temporary worship space until their building is completed, this can result in significant additional cost savings.
Attractive appearance – Metal buildings provide an attractive, modern look many church communities love. Many people are amazed at how attractive steel buildings can be; using steel creates a welcoming look and feel for members of the church community.
Column-free means more interior space – Using a column-free structure is perfect for worship halls, community rooms, gyms, classrooms and more, creating beautiful open spaces.
Customizable and flexible – With flexible design options and lots of choices for customizing your new metal church building, you can truly create a worship space and community gathering place that meets the needs of your congregation. Choose colors, facades and other options to give your new church its own distinct look and feel.
Strong – Steel is a popular choice for all kinds of buildings, including churches, because it is a very strong building material. Your new church structure will be wind-resistant and can withstand even heavy snows without problems, making steel a great choice for places of worship in any part of the country.
Low-maintenance – Steel church structures do not require a lot of ongoing maintenance. They are also naturally fire- and termite-resistant.


Why Choose SouthEastern Erectors for your Metal Church Building

At SouthEastern Erectors, we have more than 30 years of experience in the steel industry, so we know what we’re doing. And, we don’t just design your building and then leave you on your own for the rest. From design to construction to building, we do it all in-house, so you can be confident you will get the same great service for your new steel church building from start to finish.
We also want to help you create one-of-a-kind structures, so we offer carefully thought-out designs and customization options to help you create steel church buildings and other metal structures that are truly designed to meet your needs.
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